Symon Dacon contact centre display solutions

AgentView Enterprise provides contact centre staff and management with real-time, statistical information on the centre's performance, regardless of their location or the time of day.

Designed for contact centres of all sizes with sophisticated feature needs, AgentView Enterprise collects real-time data from single or multiple ACD sources. This critical information can then be relayed to PCs and/or wall display panels, pagers or an email address. Using AgentView Enterprise's Performance Indicator Builder and comprehensive threshold messaging system, information on queues, applications and SkillSets can be merged and calculated to provide meaningful statistics for your contact centre.

AgentView Enterprise's capabilities are extended through a number of supporting applications. PageBreak provides instant communication of ‘intellegent’ real-time data and messages to individual e-mail addresses. This email can also be forwarded to mobile phones and pagers using your providers' email forwarding service. This allows key individuals, or groups, access to the information relevant to them. DashView is graphical desktop software that gives managers and agents the ability to see multiple ways of viewing data as it is received from the AgentView real-time engine. DashView graphically illustrates critical statistics, creating a more intuitive visualisation of call volume and threshold activated metrics. Thermometer and speedometer gauges are available, in addition to histogram charts and standard numerical displays.

AgentView Enterprise also interfaces with a wide range of other input devices such as CTI, predictive diallers, helpdesk software and third party software and can send data to an unlimited number of display panels of various sizes. AgentView Enterprise supports LAN and WAN configurations and has a true 32-bit design and architecture. It has an open architecture database that allows incorporation of messages from external systems via ODBC.


  • Connects with a variety of locations and data sources including all versions of widely used PBXs and ACDs
  • Customised data and messaging to mobile phones and pagers via email addresses using PageBreak
  • Unique Performance Indicator Builder allows the user to tailor statistics to meet their own requirements
  • Customised messaging allows text and statistical information to be combined on wall display panels of virtually any size


  • DataServer enables AgentView to collect data from an ODBC database or provide XML output:
  • Web Option - Companies can create a web page dedicated to critical information, embedding AgentView statistics in a table right alongside other enterprise wide information. This is possible through the XML output function of DataServer.
  • WAP Option - AgentView information is easily checked with a quick connection through your wireless service provider. This is possible through the XML output function of DataServer.
  • DashView Plus, in addition to the standard DashView features, displays virtually anything that can be placed in a web browser as a window alongside the standard guages - AgentView® Web, PowerPoint files, Flash presentations, Windows Media Player, compatible files (AVI, WMF, etc.), Any web page (company info, training video, weather, etc.

Symon Dacon contact centre display solutions


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