Squire Technologies STP Signal Transfer Point

SS7 Signal Transfer Point Range

The SVI-STP's support for any-to-any interworking between traditional and next generation networks allows both fixed line and mobile networks to take advantage of the cost saving and next generation service offerings of IP networks.

The signal transfer point has a high pedigree of worldwide SS7 signalling in over 70 countries, catering for both small interconnect up, and large international points of presence.

The SVI_STP Signal Transfer Point is a fully featured, carrier-grade product with a flexible and powerful routing engine, offered in 2 models 1000 and 8000 to satisfy client's deployment requirements and budget.

SS7 STP Benefits

  • Cost Saving
  • Revenue Generation
  • Future Proof

STP Signal Transfer Point 1000

 Squire Technologies STP Signal Transfer Point

  • The compact 1U chassis is typically deployed by smaller operators looking for a robust entry level STP solution.
  • Compact STP SS7 signalling solution
  • Support for E1/T1/J1 interfaces
  • Scales to 64 x SS7 Signalling links
  • M2PA Links - 512
  • HSL (High Speed Links) support
  • Carrier Grade 1+1 Redundancy support
  • PCI Form Factor

STP Signal Transfer Point 8000

Squire Technologies STP Signal Transfer Point

The performance platform for future scalability supplied in a blade server architecture for high availability.

  • High Performance SS7 STP signalling solutions
  • Support for E1/T1/J1 OC-3/STM-1/ DS3 interfaces
  • Scales to 256 x SS7 signalling links
  • M2PA Links - 512
  • HSL (High Speed Links) support
  • PCR (Preventative Cyclic Transmission)
  • Support Carrier Grade 1+1 Redundancy
  • Support cPCI Form Factor


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