SMSC Short Message Service Center

With the continuing growth and success of SMS traffic worldwide the SVI-SMSC Short Message Service Center can offer operators with existing SS7 interconnects the ability to maximise their revenue by directly offering SMS services. 

Carrier Grade SMSC

Building on Squire Technologies' core SS7 expertise the SVI-SMSC Short Message Service Center provides a highly flexible, configurable and scalable carrier grade SMSC. Offering operators the ability to control high SMS transmission rates via onboard flexible flow control system.

SMSC Short Message Service Center

SMSC Functionality
SMSC Short Message Service Center


At the heart of the SVI-SMSC lies the SMSC Core. Built on industry standard SQL databases the SMSC Core provides the interface to an operators' SMS Services via SMPP or SQL. The SMSC Core then interfaces to the SMS Gateways to communicate with the SS7 network. The SQL database is accessed through an open and extendable API that allows clients to extend and configure their own services and performance criteria.

SVI-SMSG Gateway

One or more dedicated SVI-SMSG Gateways provide the SS7 / SIGTRAN interconnect to the network – with carrier grade dual plane redundancy options available.

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