Squire SS7 Protocol Converter

The SVI9225 SS7 to PRI ISDN Protocol Converter product provides cost effective, scaleable SS7 to ISDN conversion. The product has a high pedigree of worldwide signalling interconnect in over 50 countries catering for both a small interconnect up and large international points of presence.

Squire SS7 Protocol Converter 

The SVI9225 is a fully featured, carrier grade product with a flexible and powerful routing engine allowing for complex routing to be setup on the unit enabling for the routing of any protocol circuit to any protocol circuit and manipulation of the outgoing calls details depending on in coming call criteria. Detailed onboard Call Data Record’s (CDR) can be produced to both provide billing information and network performance statistics.

A comprehensive Operation Administration and Maintenance (OA&M) interface provides complete onboard or remote control of the unit allowing real-time configuration of system resources. Asynchronous real time traps provide an instantaneous update of all changes in system resources and detailed log files allow configurable levels of debug. The SVI9225 has many uses within the Telecoms network providing a quick and cost effective way of upgrading existing ISDN incumbent equipment to support SS7. These uses include enabling service providers to obtain lower call minute rates by moving from ISDN to SS7, allowing ISDN service providers to terminate revenue generating calls directly on their equipment to transit to other providers. Alternately the SS7 to ISDN protocol converter provides a simple solution to interconnecting non SS7 enabled VoIP media gateways into the PSTN network.



  • Support for 2 E1 to 68 E1 in a single chassis
  • 4E1 + 8E1 Upgrades
  • Flexible routing engine
  • Onboard CDR’s
  • Onboard + Remote OA&M
  • Full E1 bearer switching

SS7 Highlights

  • 32 Signalling Links
  • 256 Destination Points
  • A and F Link support
  • 4 Separate originating point codes

SS7 Protocol Support

  • Circuit Switched (ISUP,TUP,NUP)
  • White,Blue Book ITUT,ETSI, ANSI
  • UK, Chinese and French national
  • 51 Country Variants

ISDN Protocol Support

  • ITUT Q.931
  • ATT41449 – NFAS support
  • NIS A211-1
  • TS014,1TR6,VN3
  • NI1 + NI2 – NFAS Support

Hardware Options

The SVI_9225 is provided in three different form factors compact, standard and extended. The Compact provides a high performance, low density signalling environment in a small foot print 1U high chassis. The Extended chassis is a 2U high chassis providing greater density signalling and PCM cross connect. Lastly the 4U high chassis provides the highest signalling density and a higher specification of hardware redundancy in a single chassis.

The Standard and Extended chassis’s can be upgraded by 4E1 and 8E1 Signalling Card upgrades providing a flexible and scaleable protocol converter model.


Squire SS7 Protocol Converter

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