Squire Technologies Class 4 Softswitch

The SVI_C4 Softswitch provides to both carrier and enterprise markets a high performance, scaleable Class 4 SoftSwitch enabling the delivery of secure, reliable VoIP traffic and services over multiple IP networks.


  VOIP Protocol Conversion: Comprehensive VoIP protocol conversion between SIP/H.323/SIP-I/SIP-T signalling.

Scalability: Scales from 500 simultaneous calls to 10,000 simultaneous calls in a single chassis – upgrades delivered through software license keys.

Redundancy: Full redundancy options offering automatic fail-over, guaranteeing uninterrupted service.

Intelligent Call Routing: Enhanced Incoming/Outgoing call routing and manipulation.
  AO&M: Fully featured OA & M providing remote access, real time configuration.


VoIP Protocol Converter - Softswitch Deployment Model 1

 Squire Technologies Class 4 Softswitch

  • Clients are able to take advantage of coreSVI_C4 VoIP Softswitch functionality to seamlessly manage and interconnect VoIPnetworks whilst concentrating on delivery of value added services
  • Full SIP/H.323/SIP-I/SIP-T interworking support
  • Powerful routing engine providing incoming/outgoing call/digit manipulation, retries, load balancing etc


Wholesale - Softswitch Deployment Model 2

Squire Technologies Class 4 Softswitch

  • The SVI_C4 VoIP Softswitch is deployed by wholesale VoIP carriers
  • SVI_C4 VoIP Softswitch is either integrated into existing billing infrastructure or it is supplied with an add-on wholesale billing platform.
  • Provides support for
    • LCR
    • Time of day
    • Quality of route
  • Network monitoring provides statistics on ASR,PDD etc…


Private SIP Networks - Softswitch Deployment Model 3

Squire Technologies Class 4 Softswitch

  • The VoIP Softswitch provides support for small to medium private SIP subscriber based networks – providing full SIP Registration and Authentication capabilities allowing clients to build large scale subscriber databases
  • Clients can use in-house SQL databases + application builders to build value –added –services through SQL API
  • Support for multiple SIP endpoints - SIP phonessoft phones etc.
  • NAT–PAT support


Class 4 Softswitch Solution

First released in 2004 the SVI_C4 Class 4 Softswitch has been deployed globally in a wide variety of networks insuring the SVI_C4 is a field proven Class 4 Softswitch solution and interconnected against a wide range of vendor equipment and systems including :-

  • Media Gateways, IAD’s, Softphones, SBC’s, SoftSwitch’s, IVR Systems, Gatekeepers
  • Wide range of routing and billing systems both proprietary and over RADIUS

Coupled with Squire Technologies post sales support and product enhancement services, allows Squire Tech to deliver SS7 based signalling products.

Squire Technologies has deployed VoIP products worldwide and assisted many clients to achieve VoIP PSTN interconnect, providing remote or on-site installation and commissioning of products quickly and cost effectively.

For further information, contact us directly.

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