Squire SS7 Signalling Gateway

With low cost, reliable, high bandwidth IP networks available for distribution of signaling, the SS7 Signaling Gateway provides the means to bridge the SS7 network from the traditional PSTN and Mobile TDM interconnects to IP.

Squire SS7 Signalling Gateway

SS7 to IP, SIGTRAN Gateway

Scaling from 2 x SS7 signaling links to 64 x SS7 signalling links on a single chassis and 128 x signaling links on a full dual redundant/ high availability system provides a fully scaleable product solution.

The SVI-SG provides an SS7 signalling gateway environment backhauling TDM SS7 information using international IETF standards of SIGTRAN.

The SIGTRAN protocol range allows for the backhaul of SS7 signaling over IP using the IETF standards, this allows the SVI-SG SS7 SIGTRAN Gateway to be compliant and ready to interconnect into any other SIGTRAN compliant environment.

The SS7 signalling gateway provides a full range of SIGTRAN user adaption layers (M2UA, M2PA, M3UA and SUA) allowing for different layers of the SS7 protocol to be presented into the IP environment depending on the infrastructure requirement.

SS7 to IP, Proprietary APIs

Alternatively the SVI-SG can be supplied with ‘Proprietary IP-APIs’ offering simplified access to higher layer SS7 protocols to allow ease of integration into client applications. Please speak to your acount manager for further details.


SS7 Signaling Gateway (SIGTRAN Gateway) Deployment ScenariosSquire SS7 Signalling Gateway

Typical SS7 to IP Deployment

The SVI-SG SS7 signalling gateway can be deployed to replace expensive dedicated longhaul SS7 links by backhauling the SS7 signaling over IP.

Squire SS7 Signalling Gateway

Distributed Network

Deployed in a distributed network architecture delivering the SS7 signaling to a centralised softswitch / media gateway controller.

Proprietary APIs
 Squire SS7 Signalling Gateway

Squire Technologies provide, through their custom product development services, a number of proprietary APIs for client specific requirements :-

  • Simplified access to a subset of SS7 protocols – i.e.
    • MAP i.e. Specialised HLR lookups MAP / GSM monitoring for location based services
    • TCAP i.e. Message Waiting Indicator, CNAM, LNP
    • ISUP i.e. simplified call control
  • API presented over IP or through C library calls


SS7 MTP Configurations

 Squire SS7 Signalling GatewaySquire SS7 Signalling GatewaySquire SS7 Signalling Gateway


  • ITU-T Q.701-707
  • ANSI T1-111.1-111.8
  • Chinese GF 001-9001
  • PNO-ISC/SPEC/005


  • 128 Signalling Links
  • 32 Originating Pointcodes
  • 16 Linksets
  • 256 Destination Pointcodes


  • A, F link support


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