Avaya IP DECT Phones


Avaya IP DECT Phones
IP DECT mobile devices deliver high-quality wireless voice communications to employees who roam within a building or campus. They offer all the benefits of the DECT standard, including high security, scalability, and low power consumption.
Avaya currently offers two handset models, along with an outdoor and an indoor base station. The base stations have eight voice and four signaling channels, and can be powered directly via the LAN. The indoor stations can also be connected to main power via an optional external adaptor.
The entry-level 3701 handset offers basic telephony features, a 50-entry contact list, multiple ring tones, and support for twelve languages. It has a talk time of twenty hours, and a standby time of 200 hours.
The 3711 handset adds features like a larger display, easy-to-use menus, corporate directory integration and WAP browsing.


Use a proven standard 
These handsets use the DECT standard, which has been used worldwide for years.
Communicate securely and reliably
DECT incorporates high levels of security, to protect against eavesdropping and unauthorized network access. It supports high densities of wireless voice communications, unaffected by heavy wireless LAN or other radio traffic.
Reduce costs
Standard network connectors and Power-over-Ethernet functionality make implementation and maintenance simple and inexpensive.


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