Softex Integrated Communications Management Solution

Soft-ex SwitchMinder - Immediate alerting on exceptional PBX activity.

PBX Fraud threatens all business today and network security is a major headache for telecoms managers. Traditional call logging can help but systems are passive and after the event.

Soft-ex SwitchMinder solves this by helping a manager in detecting potentially fraudulent activity and alerting him or her to its possible occurrence immediately. Thereby:

  • Limiting financial exposure
  • Reducing the effort and costs associated with detection
  • Deterring future threats

The module provides extensive checking in a way that will be familiar to anyone used to other Soft-ex products. The user interface is via an intuitive web based console. Alerts are provided by email, SMS and log file.


  • Immediate detection and alerting of potential fraud Security issues
  • Integral part of your network security strategy
  • Excessive ring time alert enables improved customer service
  • Browser based console enabling remote operation
  • Retained alerts and log files aid detailed analysis

Soft-ex SwitchMinder Monitors

Security examples:

  • Call cost in a period is excessive.
  • Calls to unexpected destinations.
  • Calls at unexpected times.
  • Unexpected trunk-to-trunk (call forwarding or DISA abuse or security issues.
  • Call or calls to emergency services.
  • Call patterns over a period or as triggered by one call.
  • Calls on company holidays.
  • Diverts to mobiles or other destinations.*
  • Dialling in occurring to PBX maintenance port.*
  • Excessive calls are being made to or from voicemail.*

Advanced Supervision examples:

  • Response Analysis: (excessive time to answer).
  • Carrier supervision (checks on trunk availability).
  • CRM facilities (1550/1800 line failures, tie-line down).

(* Subject to PBX and site setup)


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