PRO MOH Digital Music On-Hold Announcer


The Interalia proMOH is a Digital On-Hold Announcer that combines the benefits of both digital and tape systems.

FLASH Memory: 
The proMOH's solid state design guarantees continuous maintenance free operation.

It does not require a battery backup as it stores the MOH (Music-On-Hold) message in FLASH memory. This ensures the message has superior announcement quality; and would not be lost in case of a power outage.

Easily Record Messages: 
Recording time is available in 4 or 8 minutes of audio storage. Recorded messages can be monitored over the built-in speaker during recording and playback. The proMOH automatically records when a cassette is inserted into the unit; a separate tape player is not required. After downloading, the tape transport and cassette are not subject to any additional wear and the tape is automatically ejected.

Compatible With MOH Systems: 
The proMOH has one 600 ohm, and one 8 ohm audio output that are compatible with any telephone system that has a ‘music-on-hold’ interface.

Adjustable Controls: 
Adjustable volume, bass and treble controls also maximize the proMOH's fidelity.

Comes Complete:

The proMOH comes complete with interface cables and mounting hardware. It is designed to be mounted vertically on a wall, or placed on a table top near the telephone system.

Note: The proMOH may not be available in all countries

proMOH Advanced Features:

  • Solid state design ensures reliable maintenance free operation
  • Integrated tape transport automatically downloads cassette to FLASH Memory
  • Stores 4 or 8 minutes of audio programming
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Utilizes nonvolatile FLASH memory
  • Unique bass and treble controls provide the highest sound quality


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