Onelan Wireless & Portability

Use the ONELAN Player in more locations using the new Wi-Fi and 3G options.

Communicating through marketing and advertising is integral to the success of any business. All this can be achieved with Digital Signage.

Wi-Fi – internal PCI e card

Wi-Fi extends your fast corporate network into the air, enabling any device to send high quality videos, download new content faster and remain responsive during high network loads.

3G – external USB dongle

3G has become the standard for hi-speed mobile data communications, and means you can update and control your Player even when there is no traditional network access.

Digital Signage can now be used in previously unsuitable locations, enabling even more revenue to be generated from existing content being used in more places.

Network Failover

ONELAN provide the ability to failover between the three 
network technologies, Wired, Wi-Fi and 3G.


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