ONELAN Net-Top-Box

From company reception foyers and cafeterias to shops and bars – whatever the environment, 'the simple way to a COMPELLING DISPLAY'.

ONELAN Net-Top-Box

The new Net-Top-Box makes it easier and less expensive than ever before to deliver entertaining and informative on-screen content.

NTB supports all types of CRT, LCD and Plasma displays and can process all media into a high resolution output (1280 x 768) leaving text and graphics looking sharp and clear.

The Net-Top-Box is based on industry standard high-speed PC hardware running the Linux operating system to ensure reliable unattended operation.

A WEB Server is incorporated into the player software which enables complex multimedia playout scheduling to appear to the user as a set of simple Web Browser pages.

These pages allow all sorts of media files to be ingested (Video, Audio, Animation, Graphics and Text) and scrolling text to be created. They also enable HTML and live text feeds (e.g. RSS News) to be automatically captured and updated from the Internet. For even more compelling content, the software can even display free-to-air TV channels via an external decoder or the Net-Top-Box’s built-in tuner (subject to service provider agreement).

ONELAN Net-Top-Box

The sophisticated player software then enables the display to be split into zones, each being independently controlled by its own PlayList defining the sequence of media to be played.

(The use of industry standard XML formatting enables IT users to easily create their own display layout templates in addition to those already supplied as standard).

All of this control and management is achieved by accessing the Web Server within the Net Top Box and requires no additional software on the user’s PC, other than a standard Internet Browser.


    NTB works with any LCD, plasma or projected display and will accept content in all major video, audio, animation and graphic formats.

    NTB processes all media for high resolution output ensuring outstanding definition on all text and graphics

    • Import content 
    • Pick a screen layout template 
    • Enter the scheduling times. 

    NTB can connect straight to an aerial to receive free-to-air digital TV channels and can retrieve free ticker-tape news casts direct from the Internet*.

    NTB lets you add and update your own messaging information live (e.g. welcome screens in reception) online at any time .

    NTB is based on a Linux operating system known for its reliability and resilience against viruses.

    Onelan’s scaling software enables NTBs to be linked within a customisable hierarchy across any network (even by satellite) to address larger information distribution applications.

    The NTB hosts a webserver allowing users to access all management tools via their existing Internet broswer (no software installation, version or licence issues).


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