Onelan Millennium Series NTB5500/5/8

ONELAN’s Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) are a series of Digital Signage (DS) Media Player devices designed for different applications in Digital Signage Networks (DSNs). In standalone situations, the DS Player must be able to offer a user interface for media scheduling and media playing capability. In networked (DSN) applications a means to distribute media over a Wide Area Network (WAN) must also be provided.

The NTB series provides all of these functions embedded within the media players themselves, as well as network security and software update mechanisms.

The Millennium NTB5500/5/8 is ideal for use as a Network Publisher / Server or as a High End Player for demanding content such as multi-video displays or complex interactive flash applications.

The units in this series now include all the capabilities of the latest software releases. The Millennium series now has preferred display language capability and the drag & drop design tool as standard.

NTB5500/5/8 Key Features

As Network Publisher / FTP Server

  • Supports a network of up to 50 Subscriber players
  • 500Gb hard disk to allow storage and archiving of large quantities of HD content


As High End Subscriber Player

  • Multi-media player. Video, Animations, Stills, HTML, Text and Audio
  • Pentium Core 2 Duo processing, allowing playout of more media formats (inc Flash 10, MPEG4, AVI and QT)
  • Full HD Capable (1920x1080)
  • Unlimited Zones inc. 4 video zones
  • Option for up to 9 video zones simultaneously (Standard Definition only)
  • Zone transparency
  • Integrated TV capture and Stream In options


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