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FCS Global has considerable experience providing phone system maintenance (legacy PBX, analogue, digital or IP) and support services on a wide range of systems, including Nortel, Ericsson, Avaya, Panasonic, Siemens and others. Currently, we maintain over 3,000 systems in over 170 countries worldwide.

FCS Global is technology vendor independent, meaning we can maintain and support any telephone system anywhere in the world. We consolidate all your contracts and support to provide a simple, single fixed price per phone per month maintenance contract with a simple, single service level agreement (SLA) even if you have multiple sites around the world with multiple technologies within your network. Through these fixed price service models, we can enable cost and budget certainty for your business. In fact, we typically save our clients 35% off their existing maintenance contracts.

FCS Global is an accredited Nortel Specialist Support Partner and specialises in the support of Meridian PBXs, Succession soft switches and Symposium and Call Centre 6 contact centre applications.

FCS Global has an extensive network of skilled field engineers and provides support to networks throughout Europe and globally. We deliver these services remotely - through our consistent, resilient 24x7x365 service capability to meet all of our committed SLAs from our Network Operation Centre (Multi Lingual helpdesk) - and directly onsite via our own and partner engineers. Whether you require a '9 to 5', or '24x7x365' service, FCS Global will ensure that all your needs are catered for in a professional and efficient manner.

FCS Global pride ourselves on our flexibility and speed and quality of our customer service. Backed by 'best in class' SLAs, FCS Global offers highly competitive rates and customised phone maintenance contracts to suit your company’s needs. We can provide our customers with numerous different maintenance options based on your specific requirements.

FCS Global is particularly experienced supporting networks containing multiple technologies, as well as providing network technology upgrade and transition services.   A full portfolio of site survey, installation and upgrade services are available to support ongoing maintenance of the network.

FCS Global also provides an inventory capture service. This will give you a far better visibility and control of your infrastructure. We offer network assessment tools and services in order to easily define, understand and position your network for the transition to IP Telephony

Contact FCS Global today, to discuss your particular support and maintenance requirements and to receive a competitive quote for service.

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