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IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony) is a general term for the technologies that use the Internet Protocol's packet-switched connections to exchange voice, fax, and other forms of information that have traditionally been carried over the dedicated circuit-switched connections of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). IPT uses the Internet; calls travel as packets of data on shared lines, which reduces the traditional costs of a PSTN system. The challenge in IP telephony is to deliver the voice, fax, or video packets in a dependable flow to the user.


Unified Communications (UC) brings together multiple real-time and offline communication modes (such as telephony, email, fax, and instant messaging) plus a range of additional capabilities (including presence detection and click-to-call) into a single, integrated solution. With Unified Communications (UC) solutions, users can access and manage all of their communications tools from a single environment, regardless of their location.


Typically, UC solutions capitalise on Internet Protocol (IP) technology to transmit voice, video, and data across a single network. By eliminating the need for multiple, disparate networks, UC solutions can reduce costs and simplify administration. Visit our ShoreTel Unified Communications page to find out more about UC and how FCS Global can help your business.


Deploying IP telephony, VoIP & UC enables a globally distributed enterprise to communicate and to operate as one integrated entity. In turn, productivity is increased and more business operations are made more efficient. The question for any business is how best to implement this critical technology which will become a day-to-day aspect of business life in the future.


FCS Global can help you assess your company’s readiness for IPT & UC so you can select the right solution and enhance the efficiency of deployment planning. Define how you will use the solution and we can evaluate whether your IT infrastructure will need a refresh to support a new solution.


Before you embark on finding an appropriate UC solution, determine your business needs. Some organisations will want to focus on enhancing the productivity of individuals by implementing new capabilities such as instant messaging, presence detection, or click-to-call. Other organisations need ways to eliminate bottlenecks, such as business workflows. In many cases, organisations benefit from first concentrating on individual productivity and then later identifying opportunities for business process optimization.


Successful deployment of a UC solution depends on careful evaluation of your technical preparedness. For example, is your network ready? The infrastructure must be capable of delivering sufficient throughput and meeting latency, jitter, and packet-loss requirements. FCS Global can offer network assessment tools and services, which can help determine whether your network is prepared to support IP telephony and other real-time UC applications.



Simplify IT Operations

A fundamental benefit of IP Telephony has always been consolidation - reducing the number of servers that are required across the network, with the explicit goal of reducing costs and increasing reliability. FCS Global provides numerous vendor's solutions which eliminate the need for multiple servers. This will save users money on hardware and software licenses and these solutions also provide a single, intuitive interface with which to manage communications.


Empower a Mobile Workforce Without the Expense

The workplace is undergoing a drastic transformation due to converging technological and economic developments. Employees are less frequently tied to a single office and increasingly work from a variety of locations, including home, hotels, temporary offices and from the road. IP telephony allows users to securely access all their desk phone features from any phone on the network, keeping them connected and productive regardless of the desk they’re sitting at. Mobility solutions also allow the use of enterprise capabilities, such as low cost dialing plans, single call logs and voicemail systems – from hundreds of mobile devices, reducing mobile phone expenses, securing communications and making employees more efficient. IP telephony can help reduce office costs while ensuring at home workers are as productive as their office-based colleagues.


Re-use Current Infrastructure

FCS Global offers the flexibility to meet business needs and budget to implement IP Technology. Existing investments are leveraged where it makes business sense, allowing migration to the latest technologies only where they are needed; pure SIP at a new branch and a hybrid at headquarters, mixed IP and analog phones, whatever path, pace or choice is required. This innate flexibility and choice in migrating to IP telephony provides unique investment protection, allowing reuse of up to 85% of current infrastructure, including phones, gateways and servers, significantly reducing the acquisition costs of new communication systems.


Ensure Secure, Compliant Systems

Converged networks require security that expands traditional data security policies and procedures to protect the privacy of all network information, voice, video and data. Traditional data security practices can impact IP Telephony voice quality if not engineered correctly. So, a converged network must be designed to comply with IT security policies for voice and data, while not impeding the performance of critical network applications.


Empower the Entire Enterprise

In today’s business world, enterprises are more distributed than ever, in locations throughout the globe. For many companies, branch communications capabilities have as much impact on the success of an enterprise as those at headquarters. Yet branches are frequently on separate systems, clumsily connected throughout the enterprise. FCS Global can provide enterprises with a broad set of choices to meet their particular branch requirements, be it lower operating costs, increasing employee productivity, or increasing revenues. We can deliver unique value to customers along this continuum in ways that our competitors cannot match.


Guaranteed Business Communications Continuity

Customers today are demanding – they expect to be able to reach a business regardless of weather conditions, disasters, and other adverse scenarios. FCS Global provides built in redundancy reassurance throughout our IPT & UC solutions. Duplicated servers and failover options help ensure mission-critical applications are always available.


System Reliability

Unlike traditional voice, Voice over IP (VoIP) is transported over the data network and is shared with several other applications. The dynamic nature of data networks requires that numerous different components work together for the system to perform at its best. How a business maintains the interrelationships of the different components is critical to ensuring high performance. Failure of any single component is likely to cause degradation of the quality of Voice over IP (VoIP). Latency and delays that only minimally impact traditional data applications can significantly impact IP telephony. Availability, security, and reliability of the communications network can be compromised. As an FCS Global customer, you will have access to our 24X7X365 customer support team to help ensure that the IP telephony environment achieves the performance that businesses need and expect through a remote monitoring & maintenance solution.

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