Digital Voice Announcer

The VOICE is a solid-state digital announcer designed for continuous maintenance-free operation. It provides high quality recorded messages for telephone applications including: ACD/UCD, DID intercept, after-hours, hotel wake-up and general public information announcements.

Digital Voice Announcer 

Simple System Administration:
With the VOICE, a large back-lit LCD display enables users to easily program and perform system administration functions; and see the system's status. There is a built-in clock for time-of-day and date-stamping of messages, and a daylight savings feature, that when activated automatically adjusts the system time when appropriate.

Easily Record Messages: 
The VOICE is equipped with 4 minutes of recording time. Flexible programming allows the user to configure unique messages to play based on day and time parameters. Each message can be recorded from a handset, downloaded from a tape deck, or recorded remotely via a touch-tone phone. Up to 9 different messages can be recorded, and each message can be assigned to any line or to all 4 lines. The user may even link any 2 messages to play one-after-another (i.e. the same message in two languages).

Program Holiday Messages: 
The VOICE enables users to program up to 20 holiday dates, which override the standard outgoing message with a special holiday message.

Simple To Operate: 
The VOICE is simple to install and operate; and it interfaces with all major telephone systems.

Advanced Features:

  • 2, 3 or 4 announcement channels
  • Up to 9 messages
  • 4 minutes of recording time
  • Nonvolatile FLASH memory
  • Simultaneous play and record
  • Time-of-day and date-stamp messaging
  • Remote telephone access
  • Audio call counts
  • Compatible with all major telephone systems
  • Solid-state design ensures reliable maintenance-free operation

FLASH Memory: 
The VOICE uses nonvolatile FLASH memory to retain all messages during power interruptions.


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