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FCS Global (Flexible Contact Solutions) is an independent company providing consultancy, project management and technical services to large corporates to address the issues and challenges of building complex corporate voice and data networks and operating these networks to maximize efficiency and return on investment. FCS Global is particularly experienced in the design and optimization of Contact Centre solutions.

FCS Global was initially set-up as a contact center consultancy business, but expanded this service to more general corporate network consultancy and provision of additional technical services driven by customer demand for these services.

FCS Global offers a unique high value service targeted at the top companies operating throughout Europe. The aim of FCS Global is to offer a service level that quickly enables FCS Global to become a 'trusted partner' of the customer, leading and recommending network change and customization to drive efficiencies and cost savings in complex network environments. This 'trusted partner' status has been achieved with a number of customers to date, in particular, Vodafone, Intel and Damovo.

FCS Global currently has clients in a number of industry sectors

  • Wireless Operator
  • Aviation
  • Call Center Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial
  • Professional sporting organizations.

The directors and key management of FCS Global have extensive experience of the telecommunications industry at all levels, including equipment manufacturers, network operators and enterprise businesses. These key personnel have many years experience in the specification and management of corporate networks based on Nortel, Avaya and Cisco technology platforms and have worked either within or in close cooperation with various channel partners throughout Europe.

Level of skills within FCS Global

FCS Global has a combined contact centre and voice networking consultancy experience of over 80 years. This experience has been gained on large, complex contact center and corporate voice networks in many countries across Europe.

FCS Global has engineers trained on ALL aspects of the Nortel voice portfolio, up to and including: Succession Release 4.5 S/w, IVR, Meridian, Symposium, Call Centre 6, BCM, Network design, etc. In addition to this FCS Global has skilled engineers experienced in Ericsson, Alcatel and Cisco products, ISDN, C7 networking and EPOS IVR, to name but a few.

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