Avaya web.alive


Avaya web.alive™ is an online, immersive conferencing and collaboration environment that lets you communicate with others as though you were face to face. Avaya web.alive supports enterprise-wide collaboration, learning and training, and e-commerce.
Accessible from any Internet connection, web.alive supports one-on-one conversations or group brainstorming sessions, and is easily expanded to be the ideal solution for even large department meetings. Single-button desktop sharing enables enterprises to connect their remote-working and on-the-go teams. Knowledge freely flows―from instructor to students, peer to peer, coach to team―all while presentations and materials are displayed.
Use web.alive to dramatically change employees' and customers' online experiences with your business. Engage with customers in a richer, more social manner and measure progress with web.alive’s real-time metrics and analytics.
Avaya web.alive software is a browser plug-in that integrates with your existing network, security, and business software tools.

Features and Benefits

Reduce costs
Avaya web.alive™ is an on-demand, web-based, immersive collaboration environment that lets enterprises have face-to-face engagements without the costs and time associated with travel.

Improve business agility
Simple access to web.alive is easily embedded in any web page and integrated with enterprise communications and business applications. With this always-available state, web.alive supports any spontaneous or scheduled meeting, training, or customer session.
Increase productivity
Avaya web.alive makes it easy to meet and collaborate. Intuitive tools let participants actively converse and share information using drag-and-drop options.
Bring interactivity to online shopping
Use web.alive to promote interactions between shoppers and subject matter experts. This increases the value of an online shopping experience by giving shoppers the ability to learn more about store offerings, which can increase customer stickiness and satisfaction.

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