Avaya Aura Conferencing

Avaya Aura® Conferencing enables real-time conferencing and collaboration anytime, anywhere, and offers scaleable conferencing configurations for businesses of every size.

Avaya Aura® Conferencing - Standard Edition

This SIP-based audio conferencing application provides optional web conferencing with streaming video, allowing collaboration and virtual teaming. The application uses an energy efficient single-server footprint with simplified installation and management, and offers a variety of user and administrative features.

Avaya Aura® Conferencing is easily deployed on premise for audio only, or as an integrated combination of audio, video, and web conferencing. Integration to Unified Communications applications from Avaya and third parties lets users leverage familiar desktop applications and interfaces for increased conference control.

A rich set of real-time conferencing and collaboration features enables workers to be more responsive and productive. Avaya Aura Conferencing delivers capabilities like audio conferencing, web conferencing, document-based collaboration, and sharing of desktops and applications. Video-enabled web conferencing offers slide show presentations and document-based collaboration, sharing of applications and desktops, and video streaming.

By eliminating the fees associated with external conferencing, Avaya Aura Conferencing helps companies cut costs and realize a rapid ROI.

Features and Benefits

Save money and speed ROI

Save up to 50% of monthly conferencing expenses, compared with the per-use and recurring fees that come with web conferencing services. Realize ROI in as few as six months.

Collaborate securely

Encryption, corporate network deployment, and other security features reduce the threats of unauthorized access and eavesdropping, so participants can communicate securely.

Get the capabilities you need

Unified Conferencing components are highly scalable, so you can get the features needed today and grow collaboration capabilities at your own pace. Today, host calls and deliver presentations; tomorrow, add giving live demos and streaming video for webinars.

Record and play back conversations

Hosts can record audio, slide shows, white boarding and more for secure playback. This allows for remote learning and distribution of information to a geographically dispersed audience.

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