Onelan Century Series NTB650/5/8

ONELAN’s Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) are a series of Digital Signage (DS) Media Player devices designed for different applications in Digital Signage Networks (DSNs). In standalone situations, the DS Player must be able to offer a user interface for media scheduling and media playing capability. In networked (DSN) applications a means to distribute media over a Wide Area Network (WAN) must also be provided.

The NTB series provides all of these functions embedded within the media players themselves, as well as network security and software update mechanisms.

The Century NTBs are ideally suited to applications such as in hospitality, foyers or retail advertising.

The Century Series has been designed to provide superior playback features including transparency, real time media rotation and video cropping at an affordable price.

NTB650/5/8 Key Features

  • Multi-media player. Video, Animations, Stills, Text and Audio
  • Intel® Atom™ Dual-Core processor, accepting more media formats (inc. MPEG4, AVI & QT)
  • Drag & drop design capability
  • Zone transparency
  • Multilingual GUI
  • USB HID Touch support option
  • NTB655/658 – Integrated TV Capture option
  • TV/Video streaming option
  • Wifi option


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