LG Commercial Displays

LG  -  Commercial LCD Displays

These Widescreen LCD Monitors are content interchangeable with each other - the 'Zoom' function saves costs on creating content. The monitors are stretched with a wide aspect ratio, perfect for displaying two separate pieces of content. The concept is for these stretched displays to replace the conventional LED display at the call centre, bus terminal or casino. LG’s proven technology provides a robust and reliable signage solution.

LG Commercial Displays

Sizes Available: 29"/32"/37"/38"/42"/47"/55"/65"


Model Series: LH200H/LH250C/LK335C/LK455C/LV255C/LV355C/LW451C/LD320B

LG Commercial TV is ideal for a hotel that wishes to differentiate branding and services using economical and effective methods that upgrade the guestroom environment. You can easily and quickly manage the TV setting across the entire hotel by simply changing the hotel TV facilities. Futhermore, the system creates a richier hotel experience by providing guests with simple EPG, morning call service, hotel facility and weather information browsing services through TV.

LG Commercial Displays

Key Features

  • Welcome Screen
  • IR Out
  • External Speaker Out
  • RJP Interface
  • Multi IR Code
  • Hotel Mode
  • USB Cloning
  • Front LED Clock
  • One Channel Map


Sizes available - 22/26/32/37F/42F


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